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~Safety and Disclaimer Section~

Please Read Carefully

Your purchase from Persnickety Patch signifies
your acceptance of this information and policies.

Always keep fragrance items and scented products
out of the reach of children.

Skin test all products before using.
Apply a small amount to the skin on your inner arm.
Do not use if redness or irritation occurs!

Persnickety Patch does not make any medical claims regarding
the use of any of our products. Please use all scented items
and body products with common sense.

Do not consume or get in eyes or nose,
they are for external use only.

Not recommended for use on children or pets.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

There is always the risk of allergies.
Please always test a new product by dabbing
the back of the hand or wrist before use.
If you experience rash or irritation, discontinue use at once.

Due to the risk of irritation, bath additives
are not recommended for prolonged use, or for use by children.

Always use caution when using soaps or bath additives,
they can make the tub very slippery.

Certain essential oils and herbs are not recommended for
use during pregnancy or lactation, or if you have certain medical
conditions. Please consult a doctor for advice.

~Child Safety~

CAUTION: Always keep all fragrance items and scented products
out of the reach of children and pets. Scented items can be confusing
to children and pets because they smell so wonderful - they may try
to put them in their mouth or attempt to eat them.

Never leave candles unattended!
Keep burning candles away from children and pets!

~Candle & Tart Safety~

Candle and Tart care is a responsibility.

Please burn and melt wisely! Persnickety Patch is not
responsible for any damage, injury, or loss of any
kind due to your use of any product purchased from
Persnickety Patch.

~How to properly enjoy your Tarts & Candles~

1. Keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4" at all times
to avoid high flames and soot.

2. Keep burning candles & melting Tarts away from
children and pets.

3. Caution: Hot wax burns!

4. Keep your candles away from drafts.
Drafts will cause your candle to burn unevenly
and may present a dangerous fire hazard.

5. Place all burning candles & melting tarts
on a flame-resistant surface and in proper usage containers.
Do not place burning candles or melting tarts
next to any flammable items.

6. When trimming candles, do not leave trimmings in your wax,
discard appropriately in the garbage.

7. Burn candles for no more than 4 hours at a time,
never leave a burning candle unattended!

8. Do not burn candles that have less than
1/2" of wax on the bottom of them.

9.Snuff your candles out as opposed to blowing them out.
Blowing out your candles may allow pieces of wick to
come in contact with something flammable!

Since the conditions for use, handling, storage, and keeping
of these products are beyond Persnickety Patch's or my control,
it is the users responsibility to determine safe conditions
for use of these products and assume liability for loss,
injury, damage, or expense arising out of the products
improper use or storage.

We take absolutely no responsibility for the misuse
of any of our bath, body or scented products.

Persnickety Patch Mansion and all characters here at Persnickety,
are fictitious and the happy creation of Jobeth Keir.
They intended for entertainment purposes only.
Any resemblance to events, home or person(s),
living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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