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Blueberry Muffin Tarts

Sold Out!

Have you been baking all day?

It sure feels good to come home!
I could smell the most delightful aroma of
juicy sweet blueberries & heavenly rich cake
the minute I walked in the door!

These lavishly scented tarts
are packed 3 to a cute prim bag and
tied with pretty homespun fabric.

Three Scented Melting Tarts $8.00

Coming Next~

Prim Clove Spice Scent
Strong and Wonderful! Huge Hit Already!

Thank you so much!
For making my Apple Sprigs & Twigs tarts
such a wonderful great big hit! I am excited about
my brand new scrumptious batch of yummy
Blueberry Muffin Tarts!

Grandma's Kitchen Votives

~6 Big Chubby Grubby Votives~

Warm & Yummy! Fresh out of Grandma's Oven!
Mouthwatering scents of cakes & cookies -very scrumptious!
These would look adorable in an old muffin pan.

Try a 1/2 Dozen! - $8.00

Candle in Prim Tin

Hand painted lids make these tins extra special.
Hand poured highly scented candle fills the tin sweetly.
Rich Pound Cake or Creamy Sinful Butterscotch Pudding
are your scent choices. Only one of each grace the
Butler's Pantry, so hurry and grab one for your home!
A wonderful prim look and delightful fragrance!

Pound Cake Candle in Prim Tin - $8.50
Butterscotch Candle in Prim Tin - $8.50

Take a peek at some more Candles
on the next page!

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