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Welcome to Persnickety Patch

Hello! xox
My goodness! I have been away from this dear old friend -
Persnickety Patch website for a few years....

I was so pleasantly surprised my rusty key still worked
and I was able to peek in!

Please accept my apologies that the prim items here
are no longer available for sale through this website...
Information is delightfully given below on where you can
purchase my handmade products. xox

~Persnickety Patch is excited to introduce Primfills!
After taking a lil' break to add a bouncing bundle of joy
to our growing family, I am ready to
begin creating new prim treasures for you..
Slowly but surely I will be updating this
dusty ole' place..

AcCChhhOOoo! Bless you!

We would love for you to come visit us at Primfills online by clinking the link below!


You are always welcome to visited me also at The Primfills' Blog by clinking the link below!

My Primfills Blog

And as always,if you are an active military family as we are,
please inquire about a special discount!
Much Love~Jobeth

Please email me with your orders
so that I may attend personally to your needs.
Graciously your hostess,

The Entry

We are always so excited to receive guests at Persnickety Patch!
Within each room you will uncover wonderful prim treasures.

The mouthwatering aroma of scrumcious baked goodies
will entice you to stroll down the Main Hall...

Pampering Room Sprays are scattered about
through out each special old room.

I wonder what divine Tarts & Candles the Butler has
hidden away in his private pantry?....

~Now Here!~
Wonderful Netty LaCroix finished pattern items!

~Miss Soot Witches and her perfectly prim Cats~
You can find the new litter of prim kittens
on the Back Porch!

~Place Your Order Here~





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