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Some folks say the Attic is enchanted...

The wicked Winter wind and chilled creaky wooden floor seems to
always attract and delight invited & uninvited guests!....

An old wise woman was said to have
whispered magick spells here...

Enchanted Heart Trio

While peeking out the dusty attic window,
you may see enchanted hearts among the tree tops.
Hang them around your home to remind your sweetheart
of your magical feelings for them.

The large cloth heart hangs by twisted wire and is
lavishly scented, drenched in wickedly romantic
Moonlight Path scent.

The two smaller wooden hearts hang by twisted wire,
with charming reminders of "I Love You" and
"Kiss Me" lovingly hand painted on them.

Smells Heavenly!

Enchanted Heart Trio - $8.50

The Entry

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